Chart Radar (JMA-900M Series)

The chart radar is a harmonized system with ECDIS. All nautical information necessary is in "One"
display, which efficiently prevents human error, caused by grounding or collision. This solution would
be utilized to monitor information relevant to maneuvering, navigation route, ship condition, and so on.


Marine ARPA/Radar System
(JMA-9900M Series)

JRC JMA-9900 series ARPA/Radar is developed to enhance the radar performance, user-friendly operation and visibility,
which meet the performance standards of radar, ARPA and AIS information indication, which are specified in IMO.
The JMA- 9900 main functions include; sea and rain/snow clutter suppression, sensitivity adjustment, interference reflector, bearing and range measurement using a trackball, fixed/variable
range markers and electronic bearing line, ARPA, and AIS information function. In addition, this has the functions of color display setting, own track display, NAV line and mark display,
True Motion presentation, radar performance monitoring and built-in switchover function (Inter-switch) up to 2 radars.



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