Doppler Sonar (JLN-550)

The JLN-550 Doppler Sonar is designed to provide ship speed information with higher stability in
the dual frequency modes; one using a lower ultrasonic frequency that is adequate to measure the ship’s speed against the ground up to larger depths and the other using a higher ultrasonic
frequency that allows the ship’s speed against the water to be measured even in water with tiny
bubbles. The transducer is designed for dual-frequency transmission, but its size is smaller than
the conventional models.



Quick acquisition of tidal current and fishfinding information.
Improved functions and features, with space saving design
support efficient fishing operations.
1- Four-directional Fish Echoes Multi-display CRT
2- Simultaneous Display of Fish Echoes and Tidal Current
3- Simultaneous Display of Current Directions and Ship Speed



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